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A couple weekends ago I attended the staple festival for every foreigner who comes to Korea, the Boryeong Mud Festival.

I went with the tour group Enjoy Korea and they set up transportation, accommodation, and tickets into the festival. It was an organized weekend which I appreciated, and they stationed a mini bar/food stand right beside our pensions so there was a place for everyone to gather at night to hang out.

I hate to say it but the mud festival itself was a bit of a dud. There were mud wrestling stations and inflatable slides but the “mud” was literally dirty water on the pavement that people rolled around in. I spent an hour at the festival, got bored of it all so I cleaned off at the beach and hung out with new friends from Daegu!

As night fell, we gathered on the beach and watched PSY live in concert!!! YES!!! THE MAN WHO SINGS GANGNAM STYLE!!! IN FRONT OF OUR EYES!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!! That was by far the best part of the trip. The beach was crowded with dancing, singing festival goers and well worth standing in the freezing rain for.

The pensions we stayed in were essentially giant empty rooms with a blanket and pillow. Sleeping on the ground wasn’t ideal, but after a full day on my feet I would have slept standing up, the exhaustion was real.

On the following Monday my friend Dev and I went to Nampo to catch up, have dinner, buy matching T-shirts because that’s what Korean couples do, and hit on the man who served us gelato. Ok, that was just me, but it was funny.. you can see it in the vlog above!



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