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I’m too tired to write paragraphs about my adventures last week since life has been crazy busy and all I want to do is sleep without waking up every hour sweating from the humidity. Summer camp is almost over, and I’m at the final stretch of planning and executing lessons. Therefore, rather than massive paragraphs, I am going to explain each picture in a haiku. I don’t guarantee quality in these haikus, it’s midnight and my eyes are currently half closed. Leggo..

Skateboarding is cool.
I’m secretly good at it.
It surprised the boys.


We went out sailing.
I do not know how to swim.
I jumped off the boat.

IMG_8771 (1)

The view from the boat.
Busan is so beautiful.
You should come visit.


Love delicious noods.
That’s short for noodles, weirdo.
Do you love noods too?


I did some shopping.
Bought a mask and a planner.
Watch my haul vid, now.

(Subscribe to my fashion/beauty/lifestyle channel Get Up & Go Girl if you haven’t already!!!)


This is my cool vlog.
Sailing, shopping, and much more!
Watch it now, please? THANKS!

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