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It’s cherry blossom season here in South Korea! Last weekend I went with my co-teacher Nancy and her boyfriend to see the pretty pink trees at Samnak Riverside.

There was an entire lane you can walk through that had large cherry blossoms trees on both sides that reached over and covered your head. It felt like I was in a fairytale, especially when the pink petals gracefully fluttered in the wind.. and sometimes in my mouth.


After staring lovingly at the cherry blossoms, and all the couples I passed holding hands and taking cute selfies with the blooms (felt like I was the 1,000th wheel), I decided to treat myself. I went to a flower shop near my house and picked up a couple succulents that now sit wonderfully on my night stand (‎₩6,000 each). Succulents are low maintenance and they’re prefect for small apartments, plus you only need to water them once a week.

The wee plants bring a bit of life into my home, and I named them.. Nicholas and Henry. Naming plants is like, the billionth reason why I am single. Sigh. Speaking of self-loathing, today is Black Day. A day in South Korea where if you didn’t receive a gift on Valentine’s Day or White Day (March 14), South Koreans feed you black delicious food, like a soup or noodles with black sauce, to make you feel better that you’re #ForeverAlone.


If you want to see more beautiful cherry blossoms and my South Korean antics, watch my vlog below! Give it a “like” on YouTube while you’re at it because “likes” define my self-worth.

I’m kidding, but it does make me happy. 🙂

Thank you for all the support and love! It never goes unnoticed. Has anyone told you that you rock today? Well, you do.

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