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After our wonderful week in Italy, Switzerland was the next destination on our itinerary. The Swiss mountains weren’t the only thing that were high.. ok calm down this isn’t Amsterdam, I was referring to the food prices. They were ridiculous! For instance, I spent $35CDN on a serving of mac & cheese at a local bar. I don’t care if it was the best mac & cheese I’ve ever had with caramelized onions, apple slices and potato. That -ish broke the bank!

Regardless, Switzerland is absolutely beautiful. I recommend going up 7,000 feet to the top of Mt. Pilatus.  I went with 35 or so Australians who have never seen snow before and as a Canadian, it was a special moment to see them all run outside in excitement. The girls immediately started making snow angels and the guys, well, all they wanted to do was pee on the snow and take a picture of it. So.


It took a gondola lift and cable car to get to the top of Mt Pilatus, where you can see a panorama of 73 breathtaking alpine peaks. Oh, and if you’re lucky you’ll see a pretty bird (100 points if you can guess the movie reference) perched ever so still, and long enough for you to take a picture of it.


The city of Lucerne is stunning. We crossed the Chapel Bridge, the oldest wooden bridge in Switzerland dating back to the middle of the 14th century. However, in 1993 two thirds of the bridge was destroyed by a fire (apparently due to a cigarette), but within a year the bridge was restored.


Lucerne is picture perfect and I can’t wait to go back one day!


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