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After my stay in London I hopped on a boat, passed the White Cliffs of Dover, and made my way toward the land of cheese, tulips, and clogs. Hallo Amsterdam!

My group and I got to the city late at night and our tour guide mentioned we should go to Theatre Cassa Rosso for some erotic entertainment. I thought it would be a strip club, but it was definitely performers having wild sexual intercourse on stage. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, and of course it was awkward at first but as time went on you giggled and accepted the fun (and weirdness) of it all. For one of the acts a police officer waltzed into the audience and said he needed four female volunteers. I took a swig of champagne and shot up my hand (when in Amsterdam…). I walked nervously onto the stage and faced the audience with a man dressed (barely) as a sexy police officer. What happens next is up to your imagination (I explain more in my vlog below). 


The next morning was a lot more tame as I ventured to the Anne Frank House. I read Anne Frank’s diary previously and highly recommend you do before you go. You witness the original wallpaper, magazine cut-outs in Anne’s room, the bookshelf that was used as the hidden door, Anne’s red and white checkered diary, it was surreal. I got a little emotional in the house, mostly after reading a quote that was plastered on the wall, “I long to ride a bike, dance, whistle, look at the world, feel young and know that I’m free, and yet I can’t let it show.”

The windows of the house at the time were blacked out and when you’re in the rooms you felt trapped. I suddenly got angry and upset. I wanted to be Anne’s friend, hug and tell her everything is going to be ok. Anne passed away from typhus at the age of fifteen, a month before the war ended.

Anne’s diary is a prime example that words, feelings, and vulnerability is a gift that should be celebrated, especially from young creative minds. Their ideas and observations can be more powerful than we set to believe.


After an emotional morning I tried to lighten the mood by touring around the city. I sauntered past glorious canals and colourful townhouses. For lunch I sat down at Pompa Restaurant and had the BEST pasta, ever. Who knew? In Amsterdam! The chef made the pasta sauce just me for me (since it was still morning hours and they weren’t serving lunch yet) and added arugula on the top which made it THAT much more delicious.



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