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Waking up on my last night in Budapest, I felt like a new person. As I mentioned in my previous post I had a terrible cough (I blame the beer cart) but good sleep and a hot shower revived me! After we left beautiful Budapest, we made our way to Slovenia’s capital city, Ljubljana [LUBE-LEE-AH-NA]. We only had 14 hours (including sleep) to spend in Ljubljana, and what better date to spend one night than NEW YEARS EVE!

After dinner we walked to Castle Hill and hopped on a cable car which took us up to the Ljubljana Castle, which served as both a royal residence and a military barracks over the centuries.


The entire evening on New Years Eve was spectacular, filled with live bands, an energetic crowd and twinkling lights galore. At the town square, we watched fireworks shoot beautifully from the castle, and everywhere you walked thereafter, pyro shows lit up the sky.. even as late as 4AM.

New Years Eve was one of my favourite nights while in Europe. It was invigorating to be in a city that was unfamiliar, make new friends and celebrate the beginning of a new year. CHEERS TO 2016!


Who knew Ljubljana would be so much fun? A city whose name that took me a full day to pronounce correctly, and I still don’t know how to spell it without Googling it first. Want to see Ljubljana in action? Check out my New Years Eve vlog below!


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