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This is the final post in my New Brunswick travel series but before you begin, go ahead and catch up by reading PART 1 & PART 2!


On the last few days of the trip we visited yet another lighthouse, this one was decked out in Acadian pride and lobster cages (classic).



Beside the lighthouse was a nice boardwalk where we spent a lovely afternoon roaming.



Favourite part of the trip = I COOKED MY VERY FIRST LOBSTER! We bought them fresh from a local seafood market (still alive..eek). The first thing my aunt told me was not to name them or else I’d get attached, a hard task for me to follow.

When the lobsters hit the boiling water they did not scream like I thought they would. After 45 minutes the lobsters were ready. They tasted so sweet and fresh, totally worth the physical labour to pull all of the meat out from the shells. 


One of our neighbours had cute artwork on their house. I loved it!


Below is a photo of my great aunt Maggie (my grandpa’s sister). Visiting Maggie was such a pleasure. She unfortunately has short-term memory loss and we had to repeat our names from time to time but she cracked jokes and constantly gave us hugs and kisses.

I could see on her walls she had a teaching licence and a few photos of the students she taught. I would’ve LOVED to have had her as a teacher, she has such a big heart and a ton of charisma. Her daughter told me a story on how she had her mom as a grade 3 teacher and one time she forgot to do her homework and Maggie made her own daughter stand facing a wall during class as punishment. Heh heh.

I felt sad to leave Maggie when it was time to go. She made her way to the window, gave a big smile and waved good-bye until we were out of sight. If I can have half the amount of kindness, silliness and love she possesses, I’d be set.


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