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For the past week I was situated in the land of lobsters, blueberries, lighthouses and Acadian pride: NEW BRUNSWICK!


My family and I packed a car and drove for 16 hours to Four Roads, which was the town we stayed in. I’m convinced it was named after how many roads there are in the area (#SmallTownCharm). We ended up at a cozy cottage that overlooked the ocean and the view could have been from a Nicolas Sparks movie. I was waiting for Zac Efron to appear but, I guess he was busy.

The pictures were captured on my first day, included a dirt road because country life wouldn’t be the same without one and lobster cages, which were placed outside our cottage. Too bad it wasn’t lobster catching season, not that I know how to use one, I assume you plunge it into the water and wait for dinner to arrive. Or, you just purchase the lobster from a local seafood store. That works too.



Below is the gorgeous sand trail that lead to the ocean, as well as a variety of rocks, dried up seaweed, and sea shells that were plentiful on the beach.





The Acadian flag sways with pride outside every house in the area! It was adopted in 1884, designed by a priest and the red, white and blue represent the Motherland of the Acadians and the yellow star is a symbol of Mother Mary (you learn something new every day). The area where I stayed is super religious (Roman Catholic to be exact) and there were as many churches in New Brunswick as there are Tim Hortons in Ontario.


Speaking of churches, we drove by one in Sainte-Rose, the exact church my grandfather attended growing up. It is also the resting place of my great grandparents.



The sunsets in New Brunswick are unbelievable. The one aspect I loved most about where we stayed was the simplicity. You have what you need, such as a roof over your head (likely built by its homeowners), a homemade meal on the table every single night, and neighbours who greet you with a smile and don’t mind if you pick the blueberries from their field (thanks again for letting us intrude).

Everything about where we stayed was perfect, expect that we didn’t have wifi but you can’t always get what you want (re: Zac Efron).


If a picture is only worth 1000 words, what is a video worth? Lucky for you, I vlogged my entire trip! Here is part one of three vlogs which includes the ride up, ocean content, and the little white church I love so much. Enjoy!


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