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Before we begin, have you read part 1 of my New Brunswick adventure? If not, go ahead and catch yourself up. If you’re ahead of the game, good good, welcome to the sequel.


Summer in New Brunswick is simplicity at its best. The ocean is cool, the sun is hot, and living is eaaaaaasy. The below photo is a great depiction on how everyone lives in small town NB. Acadian flag? Check. One floor house? Check. Pick-up truck? Check. Massive lot with dog house, lawn chairs, and a trailer? Check, check, check.


New Brunswick is the epitome of white picket perfection, the type you only hear about in a Tim McGraw or Blake Shelton song. All that’s missing is sweet tea and a porch swing.


Adventures from the next couple days included classic tourist activities, such as going to the beach and drawing where you are in the sand (that’s a crab, btw).


I captured my little cousins, Cora and Evan (Cevan, as I like to call them), playing on the beach. Eeek, look at their wee little feet! So cute! No sand castles were created since they were always somehow destroyed by.. wee little feet. Both a curse and a blessing.


The below photo is of Cindy, a dog that hung out with us every day. She didn’t have an owner. Well, she does but they leave her outside to roam around and play with whomever is on the beach. I assume. She also didn’t have a name on her, but Cindy seemed right.

Every morning she would run to us and want to play (aka me throwing a stick into the water for like, two hours). She was also super protective with the kids around the water, every time Cevan went into the Ocean, Cindy would go between them and the deeper parts to make sure they didn’t go in any further. Good girl Cindy, you’re a beauty.


I think Cindy belonged to one of the men on the boat. Still not sure.


C’est un crabe!! Everyone from this small town spoke French. I do not. I can understand some of the time but speaking is impossible. French immersion has done WONDERS for me it seems.


We drove up to Miscou Island, the most northern part of New Brunswick and saw this lovely wooden lighthouse. It was constructed in 1856 and used to prevent accidents on the coast line. It is also used to rake in tourists because this is about the only attraction within a two hour radius.


On a serious note, can someone tell me where one can purchase a pet chicken? Can you imagine me walking down the street with a chicken on a leash? I CAN AND I WOULD! My birthday is coming up, just saying. This is Fried (left) and Baked (right).


New Brunswick grows the BEST blueberries in the world! No chemicals, no pesticides, just a bundle of deliciousness.


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