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I was beyond flattered when MMF Salon approached me to answer a few Q’s on their blog! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when I realize more than my mom reads my blog (hi mom!). Click HERE to see the original version. Enjoy!


Jessica Moy on Toronto Summer, Health & Life

Know how some bloggers just seem simply down-to-earth, approachable and completely down for anything? Jessica Moy is one of them and she’s also based in the Greater Toronto Area (representing the six!). For those who don’t know her or her blog, Walk In Beauty, Jessica blogs about everything from beauty, fitness, her work life (yes, she also has a full-time job!) to Toronto nude beaches. She’s relatable and has a no-fuss style we love… In a nutshell, she’s a blogger and PR-gal to look out for.

So we decided to turn the tables and ask her what’s up in the city. Read on to get to know more about Jessica!

Briefly introduce yourself in a 3-sentence paragraph! Who is Jessica Moy?
I stand at 5’10” and am a half Chinese, half French middle child who loves spontaneous adventures, Keith Urban and cherry flavoured lip balm. I work in Toronto at a fashion/beauty/lifestyle PR agency. In my free time I coach all abilities soccer, create content for my lifestyle blog and edit daily vlogs for my YouTube channel….at some point, I sleep.

Have you always lived in Toronto?
I don’t live in Toronto (although it feels like I do), I actually live in the suburbs just outside the city.

Favourite thing about the six?
SUMMER! Summer in the six = amazing. There is always something to do, such as enjoying sangria on a rooftop patio, tanning at the beaches on the island, rocking out at festivals, outdoor concerts, etc. It’s the place to be during the warm months but, GTFO when you see your first snowflake.

What do you do to bring in the bread (ie. your job)?
I work at a PR agency! My position combines creative writing, editing, media relations, event planning, social media, styling and it’s all within the realm of fashion & beauty. I’m the type of gal who needs to be creative in order to feel fulfilled and my position provides that platform.

What has been the most memorable thing you’ve done in your career so far and why?
The moment I opened up an issue of Canadian Family magazine and saw my first ever, full-page beauty spread. I had the amazing opportunity to produce an entire beauty page, and when I saw it for the first time it literally took my breath away. My background is in journalism so, seeing my name in a national byline was surreal.

When and why did you start your blog & YouTube channel?
I started my blog ( in 2012 as a way to be creative on my own terms, and because I was procrastinating during a university assignment and thought it would be more fun to create a blog than write a paper.

My blog is a creative outlet where I can be myself and is a safe place to express my interests in fashion, beauty, life, travel and fitness. Oh, and for my mom to keep tabs on me. She likes to know where I am at all times. My YouTube channel I started in 2012 as well because, if you know me, you know I love being in front of a camera. It’s another creative outlet to enhance my blog through visuals. I’m slowly growing and developing into this human adult-thing who has a career, is achieving goals, travels, goes on dates with men who wear ties (on purpose) and everything is confusing and wonderful but in the end, it’s what makes my life (and my blog/vlogs) relatable and entertaining.

So we’re aware that you were once (& still are) a “tomboy!” When did you start getting interested in beauty and fashion?
Growing up with brothers, I had to learn to stand my ground real fast; there was no room for wimps in my household. I grew up a tomboy (still am), but got into the realm of fashion and beauty when I started modeling at 17. That’s about the age I stopped playing competitive sports to focus on my studies, and modeled on the side for extra money. Between the photo shoots, runway shows, the intricate designs of the dresses I wore, beauty products/techniques the makeup and hair artists were using, photography tricks, elaborate studios  – I fell in love with the entire creative process.

Describe your style in 3 words.
Comfort is key.

What are some of your holy grail items when it comes to hair and skincare?
I don’t brush my hair so, Uniq-One’s All In One Hair Treatment is my holy grail hair product. It helps with frizz control, detangles, adds body and makes me look more put together than I actually am. For skincare, I LOVE Shu Uemura’s Refining Cleansing Oil. I slather that -ish all over my face and it takes off all makeup in a matter of seconds, plus it gives my face a natural glow for a solid 24 hours (highly recommended to those with dry skin, you’ll fall in love).

What is your go-to hairstyle when you’re running late?
Dry shampoo because let’s be serious, I probably haven’t washed my hair in 3 days. Then I tie it in a ballerina topknot.

You’re an active woman! What do you do to stay healthy, on-the-go?
I walk to and from work from the train station, Monday-Friday. It’s about a 25-minute walk each way. I also go for a quick run on the weekend if I need to get out a burst of energy. If I want to stay in, I do at home Pilates (such as Blogilaties on YouTube) or I spice it up and sign up for dance class.

Does a healthier lifestyle really reflect your appearance? Do you have a personal experience you can share with us?
It sure does. Last year I ran my first half-marathon, and three months prior I stopped drinking alcohol, majorly cut down on sugar and salt in my diet and slept 7-8 hours per night, every night. I noticed my skin cleared up, my hair was shinier and I exuded an amazing amount of energy and confidence. Since then, I have limited my alcohol consumption, am cautious what I put in my body and try to get a good nights rest every night. Training for that half-marathon changed my lifestyle for the better.

What are your go-to foods that really make a difference in how you feel and look? We’d love to know your secret recipe!
Avocados and multi-vitamins. I put avocados on and in everything – sandwiches, salad or (my fav) with a baked sweet potato, which I stuff with avocado, spinach, olive oil, salt and a spritz of lemon. Delicious. Multi-vitamins are also crucial for me and make a HUGE difference on how I feel. My body doesn’t always get its daily amount of calcium or vitamin B12 so, taking multi-vitamins has vastly improved my mood, energy and appearance.

What defines beauty?
Beauty is defined by respecting your body, kindness, intelligence and strength.

If you could be transported to anywhere in Toronto right now, where would that be?
On a rooftop of a tall building at sunset, with pretty lantern lights surrounding a table filled with finger foods, wine and expensive cheese to share with my best friends. This isn’t an actual place, but I would like it to be – can someone make this happen?

Have you ever used MMF Salon?
I have not, but you best believe it has been downloaded. I can’t wait to use it!

Fill in the Blank: A true Torontonian always knows the best place you can get tacos.

Last question! What is your summer beauty tip to beat the heat?
A good foot spray is necessary in the summer. When you wear flats for a long period of time, especially in the heat, you need a foot spray for a quick cool down and to deodorize that stank. I love Footlogix’ Food Deodorant, it’s made with tea-tree oil and leaves my feet feeling refreshed after a long day.

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