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It’s no stranger I’m a lover of organic beauty, especially when it comes to skin care because honestly, skin care > makeup. I recently discovered an organic gel mask, perfect for summer months since it has a refreshing, cooling sensation that seeps into your sun-kissed or sun-burnt (SPF, USE IT!) skin.


iLike’s Carotene Essentials Gel Mask ($59, Allegra Spa) originated from Hungary (home of my girl crush, Barbara Palvin), containing natural ingredients such as apple, honey, carrot, cantaloupe and algae, which all help nourish and regenerate skin tissue. What I love most about this gel mask is that it contains beta-carotene. beta..WHAT?

Beta-carotene derives from the carrot root and contains vitamin A, which help heal wounds and strengthen tissue for younger looking skin. So, if you have acne scars or sensitive skin, this mask could be your saviour.


When I first applied this mask onto my face and neck, the texture reminded me of baby food, with pulp (note: not extracts, which can be harsh), and it actually felt quite nice to massage onto my skin. I left the goop on my face for 20 minutes while it dried up, which meant it was time to rub it off with a warm, damp cloth. Afterwards my skin felt a little sticky, but nothing a good moisturizer cannot fix.

A few minutes later, I noticed my skin glowed (thank you to the honey) and looked dewy for the entire day. The mask contains no harsh chemicals, it’s vegan and gluten-free. Love it!

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