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One Good Thing: May 2014

Hey everyone!

In the beginning of May I decided I was going to write ONE thing each day that made me smile. From this little project I wanted to remind myself that even though I have a daily routine, there are tiny gestures to make me appreciate the unique characteristics of each day. Gestures as simple as receiving a text asking how my day is going or a friend offering to make me dinner after a long day at work. It made me stop and realize that it doesn’t take a ton of money or  well-thought out plan to brighten someone’s day. It’s the little things people, they add up.


1 – Was told I was allowed to take a cute summer dress home from work.

2 – Melissa went out of her way to deliver a large reusable bag for me to carry five boxes of shoes home.


3 – Katie came over and made me laugh so hard I cried.

4 – Had time to make a toasted avocado sandwich with mixed fruit and bacon on the side.

5 – Went to bed at 9 p.m.

6 – Discovered there were chocolate muffins in the freezer.

7 – Kristin cleaned up hobo spit from my jacket with a gum wrapper. Yes I got spit on by a hobo, but was lucky to have my best friend there to clean it up.

8 – Went on a nice date with a nice boy.

9 – Danced in a cab (music on full blast) with my friend Emily on her birthday.

10 – Received a big hug from a friend I haven’t seen in a long time.

11 – Kristin invited me over to her backyard to sit outside in the sunshine.

12 – My mom picked me up from the train station on time.

13 – Felt very appreciative there was coffee at work. Took advantage of it all day.

14 – Melissa packed me a fantastic, healthy lunch.

15 – Learned how to make sushi.


16 – Did laundry late at night. Had toasty clean sheets as I went to sleep.

17 – Little baby Evan hugged me. Voluntarily.

18 – Saw I have over 600 followers on my blog.

19 – Kristin made me a cup of warm fruity tea after work. My favourite.

20 – Kristin texted me asking how my day was going. Appreciated that she was asking just to ask.

21 – Had a Shaytards marathon before I went to bed.

22 – Blasted the soundtrack of “Wicked” at Melissa’s place. We ended up making an interpretative dance that will be seen by NO ONE!

23 – Volunteered to make pre-bagged lunches for children and families across North America.

24 – Older brother got married. The entire day was beautiful.


25- Got to see my grandpa and ate lunch with him.

26 – Received a free Starbucks drink in the morning. Ended up on my dress. Luckily Kristin was with me to clean it up and laugh it off (again).

27 – Was craving wedges so my mom went to two different grocery stores and was unsuccessful. Got them for me the next day. Nearly cried of happiness. She’s a super-star.

28 – Was freezing at work, realized we have cute sweaters in the back room I could borrow.

29 – My mom picked me flowers from the garden in the morning. Appreciated the nice gesture.


30 – Went over to my friend Emily’s house. She played piano and we sang One Direction songs.

31 – Ran 5K in the Color Me Rad marathon. Wonderful weather, even better company.



  1. Melissa says

    So impressed i got 3 honourable mentions! But most of all thankful that I got to see you so often in May. Let’s keep it up for June! #middlechildrenprevail #bestroomieever

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