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Color Me Rad 2014

Katie, Nicole and I participated in the “Color Me Rad” 5k run on Saturday!

Here are the top moments of the day:

Got dazzled up in our RAD gear. Tattoos and sunglasses were included in our packs. Nicole provided the knee-high socks, I made us all headbands and Katie whipped up some protein pancakes that morning – they were deeeelicious!


Warmed up before the race with a little bit of zumba.


Hilariously tripped over each other because we couldn’t see from the amount of chalk in our eyes. Also, can we acknowledge my glorious fanny pack? Pretty sure it was my dad’s in the 80’s.


The colour stations were the best part. Casually got boxes of purple, blue and orange chalk poured over us as we ran by. Was it chalk? Baking powder with colour maybe? All I know is that it stained my tank top, even after two washes. #WorthIt



Running 5k was not so bad, we certainly could’ve kept going. Good job team!


I don’t know who the person was who trusted me with this..


Is someone playing Harlem Shake?


Post-run dance party was probably the best part.


Had a blast at the race, plus we lucked out on having amazing weather. Also, another SUMMER GOAL is checked off. BOO-YA!


Sat on garbage bags in the car, still managed to get colour all over the place. I guess dancing to Destiny’s Child the entire ride home didn’t help that cause either.


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