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My scents – listed best to worst


1. YSL Manifesto – Anyone with good taste who walks by you will wonder what magical scent you’re wearing. It lasts all day (especially in your hair) and once you smell it, you will buy it. It combines two of my favourite smells: vanilla and jasmine. Mmm. Can we also acknowledge how luxurious this bottle looks? Fantastic.


2. CK One Shock – This is definitely a playful day scent. It’s subtle and sweet with my favourite scents (again): vanilla and jasmine, only this one has sweeter notes like passion fruit and blackberry.


3. Victoria’s Secret Amber Romance – Throughout university, this is what I sprayed on myself before I walked out the door. People who sat beside me always told me I smelt great. Creepy, but was still flattered. It’s a subtle smell of vanilla but has a bit of spice which gives it punch.


4. Express Glam – A fresh, flower-type scent with vanilla and blackberry (can you tell I like the same kind of scents). I’ll wear this if I am going out for the night. The smell lingers everywhere you go and the staying power is fantastic. I notice it smells even better on your skin the next morning.


5. Warm Vanilla Sugar – Sometimes I just want to smell like a cupcake. This fulfills that need. I only wear this in the Fall time – matches well with a leather jacket and Starbucks in hand.


6. Marc Jacobs Honey
7. Avon Ultra-Sexy 
8. Vera Wang Lovestruck 
9. With Love by Hilary Duff
10. Avon Pomegranate and Mango
11. Demeter Mahogany 
12. Victoria’s Secret Hello Darling White Nectarine and Peony 

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