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Final thoughts on summer (and summer list update)

Every summer, I have goals.

I write them down in list form and every year I try to complete it. Some summers I am successful, other summers (like this one), I am not. Although, it’s not for a lack of trying. Life happens, you change, things come up, etc.

The summer started out with reality slapping me right in the face. May was a month of heartbreak. However, after picking myself up and discovering a new found feeling of independence, it was time to focus on me.

My summer list was out of the question. I had absolutely NO free time to do anything. I was on the go 24/7.

June rolled around and I officially graduated! As much as I felt excited, I was extremely overwhelmed. New questions started to roll into my mind – what’s next for me? Where do I want to work? Where do I want to live? I’ve never put myself through this kind of stress. Hence, the shingles. Honestly, the shings were probably the best thing to happen to me that month. It put me into bed rest and I wasn’t allowed to move for a week (which is exactly what I needed).

After recovering, I continued to work, work, work. Seven days a week until the end of July. When my  internship was completed, I was incredibly proud of myself. I was published nationally, met and worked with talented editors and took the gosh darn Go Train every single day (which I paid for with the tips I made at the restaurant – the tellers were always annoyed I paid $50 each week in toonies and loonies).

It wasn’t until August that everything started to unexpectedly come together. I went to NYC by myself (aka, the best time of my life). While I was there, I networked, went on interviews and took time to read, shop and drink overpriced coffee. It was fabulous. On a rainy summer day in NYC, I went to a cafe, opened my computer and found out I had job offers from Toronto. I couldn’t believe it. I haven’t stopped smiling since. 🙂

I may not have completed my summer list, but I accomplished something WAY better. I survived this crazy, hectic summer. I can’t believe I made it through. Actually, we made it through.

I read all  the messages, comments (on my blog and videos) and tweets you all send me and seriously, thank you. You always have something positive to say and it feels great to know someone is listening. You’re all fantastic.

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However, I have to give a HUGE thank you to my amazing friends this summer. They always came to the rescue, whether it was a 2 a.m. McFlurry run or just listened to me for hours on end. Gosh, you guys are amazing. I always knew I had great friends, but this summer especially I noticed just how flippin’ lucky I am. You beautiful people know who you are and I’m so thankful.

Anyway, the point of this post was no, I did not complete my summer list..but honesty, I’m not even mad. I am so happy with this new chapter I have going on in my life and am so excited for fall to begin!


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That is all.

K byeee.


What I actually completed in my summer 2013 list (bolded is complete).

1. Join a pilates class.

2. Make an ultimate summer playlist.

3.  Go to Wonderland and ride The Leviathan.

4. Completely clean my room and throw away/sell ANYTHING I do not need/wear/use.

5. Go on a picnic, basket and plaid blanket included.

6. Attend a drive-in.

7. Go to British Colombia and visit my friend. Must go surfing and whale watching.

8. Must visit the following restaurants:

– BOOM Breakfast & CO

– The Burger’s Priest 

– Grand Electric 

– Ed’s Real Scoop

– Reposado

9. Visit the zoo.

10. Splurge on a high-end face mask at Sephora.

11. Buy a piñata.

12. Complete a cool D.I.Y project.

13. Be a vegetarian for a week.

14. Get a bath bomb at LUSH and take the ultimate bubble bath.

15. Get my hair cut.

16. Attend my graduation and have a picture of me throwing my cap in the air.

17. Create a signature summer drink.

18. Visit my cousin in Europe.

19. Compliment a random stranger.

20. Make a huge career move.


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