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St. Tropez – Fiona Locke

Today I went to my first beauty event for FASHION Magazine! I met with celebrity tanning expert (yes, that’s a title) Fiona Locke, who spoke with me about the amazing St. Tropez self-tanning lotions and sprays! Chatting with Fiona was amazing, she’s such a sweetheart! Her skin was flawless (obviously) and answered all my questions with enthusiasm and passion.

Her most fascinating self-tanning tip: If you have acne on your body or face, use concealer on these areas before applying the tanning sprays. It will create a barrier and won’t irritate the skin further.

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 5.47.11 PM

You’ve either been a loyal consumer to these products for years or you’re just discovering them now because once you go St. Tropez, you truly never go back. Along with a free pedicure from AXI the Spa on Yorkville, I also got to try out the St. Tropez exfoliator and tanning mousse. The products are easy to apply, smell good and does the job (exactly what everyone looks for in self-tanners). The beautician was even telling me that dozens of men come in specifically for St. Tropez spray tans, people just love this stuff! I don’t blame ’em.



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