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Top 10 Things I Learned In British Columbia

1. I’m obsessed with the seafood

Every meal I ordered had some sort of swimming fish creature in it. The salmon was the best (unless it was candied salmon, gross).


2. Always choose the dirty clubs

If you have a choice to go to a sophisticated club or a dirty one. Always pick the dirty one. You are guaranteed to have WAY more fun.


3. Planking will always be funny

Especially over dangerous bridges and water edges.

217389_10151480950805892_1906083445_n 945148_10151480950735892_902970080_n 946724_10151480950680892_92785657_n298553_10151480964225892_982625053_n 942652_10151480964145892_341648323_n922711_10151480961860892_183233128_n

4. The Capilano Suspension Bridge is not as scary to cross as I thought it would be

If you go to Vancouver and don’t cross this bridge, what are you doing with your life.

263280_10151480952715892_1903005302_n 249003_10151480951140892_1783896526_n


Unless there is a lifeguard to save me from riptides and where I won’t be eaten by sharks and stung by jellyfish. My worst fear of deep water and getting lost out at sea almost came true. Fun while it lasted though.

946868_10151480969285892_1895227646_n217392_10151644128114189_1385929201_n 945356_10151644128994189_38887079_n

6. Appreciate natural beauty you don’t normally see everyday

This includes cute waterfalls, abnormally large trees and extremely tall mountains that have snow on them. Oh, and whales.

941914_10151480966450892_1115719766_n268990_10151480965250892_1233688050_n65693_10151480965760892_1367155367_n 941239_10151480973200892_2040198571_n485558_10151480959475892_1566575720_n

7. Riding electric bikes around Stanley Park was the best and worst idea

Best because we didn’t need to pedal once. Worst because we didn’t pedal once.

941353_10151480952905892_783678958_n 308377_10151480953430892_1699044902_n

8. I love pretty, colourful flowers.

I could honeslty live in Butchart Gardens.

401079_10151480965175892_1089876095_n294977_10151480962210892_1892332373_n 934131_10151480964810892_860876393_n 942489_10151480963960892_1496687090_n 960195_10151480962625892_1945064023_n935371_10151480963135892_1041075799_n

9. I need to marry rich so my husband can buy me an adorable floating house

I need it.


10. My friends and I are hilarious

Seriously, we’re a pretty good time.

486215_10151644113589189_1835615805_n 969756_10151644089144189_373225809_n 970080_10151644090979189_883641775_n

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