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Lost In Translation


Vogue: June 2013

“There are times when you can feel your childhood ending. It can be the birth of a child, the death of a loved one. For me, that moment in the dressing room was it. The professional work ethic that had been instilled in me since I was a little girl was shocked back to life, and I knew that not only would this man prevent me from being able to do my job, he would prevent me from growing into the strong and confident woman I needed to become…ending relationships is always difficult, but leaving Paris broke my heart. It took years to disentangle the man from the city that I had fallen for, and I found that it was impossible to go back. When I finally broke down and did visit, it was with the American man I ended up marrying and our four-year-old daughter over Christmas, fifteen years after I had moved there…“why are we here again?” my daughter asked…”because,” I told her, “this is where Mommy grew up.”


  1. Good for you!! Sometimes life gives us though choices that make us feel they are not fair, but time goes by, we heal and keep moving forward, I wish you the best of lucks in your projects and remember that whenever a door closes a window opens! 🙂

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