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John Galliano Does Deserve a Second Chance

Word on the street is Oscar del la Renta is giving John Galliano a second chance after he fled the fashion scene due to public racial slurs. Everyone (including stores who stripped his designs off their shelves) was against Galliano, and while I agree what he did was terrible, he has apologized countless times and did go to rehab for his alcoholism. I’m not saying you should forgive him right away, but understand his lifestyle and support someone who has admitted they were wrong. I truly believe Galliano should be accepted back into the industry. Of course, he’s going to have to work three times as hard as he did before, but he’ll work hard on his comeback and it’s going to be front page news when he does.

de la Renta is opening a NYC design studio to Galliano, which would be the first time someone in the fashion world has accepted his work since the incident. I believe in Galliano. Everyone makes mistakes, we’re human after all.

Do you think de la Renta was smart for giving him a second chance?


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