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Short life update

Hey everyone!

I know I haven’t written about what’s going on in my life in awhile. I’ve been so busy and honestly, since December, I’m trying to put myself into a daily routine. If I’m not at my internship or working at the restaurant, I’m making videos or trying to remember to eat and sleep. Once I get into the habit of everything, I’ll be writing a lot more.

Also, I’ve been conflicted with other life decisions. I’m at a point where I want to travel somewhere for a large amount of time or do something I couldn’t do if I had a full-time career. If I don’t make that “big life adventure” decision within the next year, it won’t happen. Does anyone else feel that pressure? I’m conflicted because I want to be a career woman and have a great job I’m passionate about, but, I also want to travel and do my own thing for a year. I feel like if I travel, I’m going to be behind in my “career” compared to my friends who will have careers with benefits at this point. I know everyone has their own path, but I have yet to figure mine out. I’m sort of playing it by ear. That’s the downside (and I guess upside) of being in your early 20’s. You have nothing figured out and you have to go on that “journey” of self-discovery to figure out what makes you happy. That’s sound like a cheesy Hollywood movie, but you get what I mean.



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