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Pulse: UTSC students support Varsity Blues Football

Hey everyone!

First off, welcome back to another fantastic school year! Whether you’ve entered your first year (little rookies) or fifty-sixth year (oldtimers, like myself) I hope your first week went swimmingly.

For those of you who are new to UTSC Pulse, my name is Jessica and I will be providing you with regular Tuesday posts regarding UTSC athletics and fitness! I’m not actually in my fifty-sixth year of undergrad (even though it feels like it), I’m a fifth-year journalism student and will be graduating this June (eeks)!

I have been an active athlete at our school, playing soccer and hockey, not to mention the odd belly-dancing and zumba class. My goal is to promote fresh and exciting news about UTSC sports, fitness programs, and events! The difference between me and a website or newspaper who will just “promote” is that I promise to participate in all I write about (example, my video last year of me attempting belly-dancing which you can watch by clicking: HERE).

The school year has only started a week ago, but I have already participated in an event the SCSU &SCAA have organized: U of T Varsity Blues Football Homecoming. On Saturday afternoon, the Varsity Blues Football team faced the University of Windsor Lancers at Varsity Centre.

UTSC students got all geared up in blue attire and face paint to cheer on the Blues at our home field!

Katie, Lily, Leah, and myself ready for the game to start!
It’s time for face paint!
Paige and her U of T gear!
Here comes the Blues!
One of the best parts of coming out to watch a U of T game? It’s FREE if you have a valid T-Card! If not, it’s only a general admission fee of $5. A great way to spend an afternoon with friends and meet other U of T students! 🙂
Let’s go boys!
Most of the Scarborough campus girls at the game! We were lucky to have amazing weather!
Kyle and I!
Want a more inside scoop on the team? Fourth year defensive back Kevin Kinahan writes blog posts about the team off and on the field. Even he admits it’s awesome to see Varsity Centre packed with Blues fan! You can read his posts by clicking: Kevin’s Critique
Cheering on the team!
Biggest fan? I’d say so.
We were clearly the loudest cheering section.
Chad starting the wave!
The game ended with a 55-4 loss to the Windsor Lancers. Even though it was a tough loss, all of us who came out to support our Blues had a great time!
The next home game for the Varsity Blues Football team is Oct. 6 at 1:00 p.m. against the University of Ottawa! Enhance your university experience by coming to at least ONE game this year. Even if you don’t like sports or don’t know what’s going on, it’s still a great time to dress in blue and scream at the top of your lungs!
If you guys have any blog ideas or fitness classes you want me to try, let me know in the comments below or tweet me at @Jessica_Moy! See you guys next week!

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