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1. Hot-cups on an airplane are always a good idea. 

Especially when you look this good.

2. Aloe is your best friend.

Or else…

3. Never leave valuables outside your hotel room. 

Anything and everything you don’t keep your eye on, will get likely get stolen. This means not leaving your bathing suit outside to dry. Right Kyle? On a happier note, look how nice our room was!

4. Always leave tips for the maid.

She may not leave you with clean sheets or towels but who can stay mad when she surprises you with an entire bottle of rum on your bed.

5. Never dance-dare a brides groom at a club.

She and her mother will not like it.

6. Don’t eat the cheese.

Unless you want a date with the toilet that night. This was the food I tried to stick with every day. Mmm, that mango was SO good!

7. Two extra-strong Gravols in the middle of the day are never a good idea. 

No matter how sick you feel those pink little pills will knock you out for HOURS. This is me staying in, watching Conan. You can tell I learned the hard way.

8. Beer and rum-slush at 8 a.m. is socially acceptable. 

But only in Cuba.

…and I guess in college as well.

9. The catamaran was one of the BEST times of my life.

Especially when snorkelling and dolphins are involved.

10. Go with a bunch of goons you love.

No moment will be a dull one.

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