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For your Sunday evening entertainment: Melissa and I shop at INLAND, Kathleen and I help throw an event for NYX cosmetics, and I celebrate my 25th birthday with Emily, Katie, Ashley & Nicole. Also, I’M ON TV! Or, was on TV. I chat with Channel 12 news about the All Abilities soccer program and the importance of volunteering! Forward to 1:47 and ignore the hideous thumbnail. ALSO, LOL JESSICA MAY LOL.


I didn’t mean to go to a clothing optional beach, I just so happened to stumble upon one. I saw way too many body parts I could’ve lived without seeing but realized how much respect I have for those who can bare it all with confidence. Good on them! Although in that moment I felt extremely awkward and got out of there as quickly as I could, mostly because I was the one being stared at for having clothes on..


I know you curious kittens are wondering what I did on the day of love, and I’m going to tell you in bullet points because, list formats are just how my brain works sometimes. What I did on Valentine’s Day: – Woke up. Freezing. I mean, look at my view right now. Everything is frozen. #ExtremeWeatherWarning #ElsaWasHere – Had breakfast. Frosted Mini-Wheats to be exact. With orange juice. – Went to soccer. Learned “more” and “learn” in sign language. I recently started coaching all-abilities soccer (kids and teens under 15) and before each practice we learn 2-3 signs since some of our athletes are unable to communicate verbally. It’s pretty cool, and the athletes are awesome. After practice the organization handed out VDay themed stamps, stickers and pencils for the kids but, I obviously partook. – Went to Tim’s and grabbed a coffee. Won a FREE coffee from Roll-Up-The-Rim. – Drove home, took a shower. – I don’t know whether it was because I had a busy week, lack of sleep or the weather being miserable (-40C to …

UTSC women’s soccer team – champions

I can’t believe it. My last UTSC soccer game and I not only scored twice, but my team won the CHAMPIONSHIPS! It’s an unreal, bittersweet feeling. The game ended with the final score of 3-1. We played against our rivals UTM and throughout the entire game I couldn’t stop pacing. My adrenaline was rushing, heart was pumping, and palms were sweating because I didn’t want my last soccer game at UTSC to be a disappointment. During the game, there seemed to be an abundance of pushing, shoving, fouls, penalty kicks, and a few curse words being thrown every now and again. Even though my body was aching from an all-day hockey tournament the day before, I was determined to not leave the field until I was wheezing and on the verge of fainting. We go hard in Scarborough. If this team has taught me anything throughout the past four years, it’s determination, tenacity, and knowing you’re never alone – on or off the field. I can’t even begin to explain the friendships I’ve developed on this team. Whether these girls calmed me down on the field, …

Tryout hangover

This morning I felt like a zombie. Forced myself out of bed, gulped back two bottles of water from constant dehydration and regretted all I’d done the night before. The tryout hangover. I know it well. Push-ups, crunches, laps, scrimmages, sprints — It’s been a crazy couple weeks. Even though my body is feeling the aches and pains, I can proudly say I tried out for FOUR different sports teams this semester at UTSC. Am I crazy? Um. Yes. I’m only taking three courses this semester, so I do have a bit more time to dedicate to athletics. The teams I tried out for were girls soccer, hockey, flag football, and boys hockey (yeah, I’m surprised too). Soccer tryout I’ve been on the girls soccer team for the past three years, so I felt extremely comfortable being at tryouts and already knowing the coaches and past teammates. I was surprised to learn there will not be a girls B team this semester (usually there’s an A and B team), and I can tell it bothered a few players. One girl …