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Have you ever finished reading a book, closed the cover, held it close to you, and sat still. Reflecting on words you read and how they have forever affected your thoughts on the world, entrepreneurship, yourself, etc. If you love a good coming-of-age story, then I highly recommend the memoir by Phil Knight (the inventor of Nike) called Shoe Dog. Knight’s journey started when he was fresh out of business school, having this Crazy Idea. At 23 he embarked on a backpacking trip around the world. It was a dream of his to experience, “what the Chinese call Tao, the Greeks call Logos, the Hindus call Jnana, the Buddhists call Dharma.” He emphasized throughout his memoir how his travels enhanced his Crazy Idea and intertwined his experiences with the names of his designs, fabrics, and how it helped him cater to athletes and customers around the globe. There were quirky stories of his trials and tribulations that made me laugh out loud, hardships and setbacks that made me shed a tear or two, and most importantly, I now feel inspired x100 to …


My brother and I created a fashion lookbook together on my Get Up & Go Girl channel titled: 3 SUMMER OUTFIT IDEAS! He edited the video and added original music (what a talented guy right..). I absolutely loved how it turned out. Let me know what you think. 🙂 Product descriptions below!   Outfit #1: Top: Uniqlo Shorts: Gap Shoes: Nike Sunglasses: Street vendor in Seoul Bracelet: Chinese jade bracelet, a gift from my aunt Outfit #2 Shirt: Thrift Skirt: Thrift Shoes: Gap Hair tie: Sephora Necklace: A gift from my cousin Earrings: Red Eye Pretzel heart ring: Street vendor in Austria Diamond ring: Swarovski Outfit #3 Shirt: Thrift Jeans: Zara Belt: Ann Taylor Sandals: Francesca’s