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I Haven’t Packed A Model Bag In A Very Long Time

Hey everyone! Excuse any spelling mistakes, these are my nails right now… Completed nails will be done tomorrow! I’ll be modeling at the ABA show in Toronto and I’m sooo excited! I was thinking of what to pack and thought I’d share with you what I bring when I do a gig. Ten essentials for my modeling bag: 1. A very large tote – to carry all your essentials, duh! 2. iPod/ iPhone / charger – you dont want to be caught with a dead phone, especially on long days. 3. Water / snacks – usually it’s provided for you, but when it reaches 3 p.m. you’ll want an energy boost (i.e. granola bar or mini carrots). Remember to drink lots of water to stay hydrated and to keep your skin lookng great! 4. Slippers – I bring slippers to EVERY modeling event. I like being comfy and for my feet to rest from wearing six inch heels when I have down time. 5. Books / Magazines – there’s always a lot of waiting involved, so keep …

Toronto ABA hair show

These aren’t the best quality photos, but they’re the best I can find! It’s me wearing a MASSIVE wig at the Toronto ABA hair show (people surprisingly thought this was my real hair). The man in the back is hair stylist Jake Thompson, an award winning avant garde hair stylist who cut the wig on stage. Such an amazing talent! What do you guys think?