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Stain Resistant T-Shirt Put To The Test

For those prone to food-related spills and accidents, your embarrassing stain-on-clothing-days may be over thanks to the subtle wearable tech innovation of Threadsmiths! The Australian clothing company has created a stain-resistant t-shirt using a patented hydrophobic nanotechnology. When the surface gets wet, water droplets are created just like it does on a lotus leaf or a blade of grass. This is known as surface tension – liquid resists an external form. It’s hard to believe a t-shirt could contain these properties so, we tested it for ourselves. As the first company in the world to be making 100% cotton t-shirts that completely repel dirt and liquids, we took a Threadsmiths shirt and drizzled common food items on it such as water, jam, orange juice and BBQ sauce. What happened next was to our amazement. While other white t-shirts soak in liquids and stain, these shirts dubbed “The Cavalier,” uses hydrophobic properties causing liquids to bead-up and fall off the fabric. A very true statement. As you can see from the example below, the water droplets didn’t soak into …


Fan girl moment. Had to share this video by Forbes who interviewed my idol Eva Chen. She speaks the truth of what it’s REALLY like to work in the fashion and magazine industry. Couldn’t have put it better myself. “There are aspects of it that are more glamorous that comes in bursts, they’re like exclamation points when the rest of the sentence is pretty much what you expect.”

September 2014 Favourites

One. Bath & Body Works Country Chic Shower Gel, $12.50 I’m not too picky when it comes to shower gels, they just need to lather well, clean my body and leave my skin smelling hella-amazing. This one from B&B has been a favourite this month and it smells like a mix of lemon, raspberry and amber wood. I approve. Two. G.R.L – Vacation We all know I’m a lover of all-girl pop groups. It’s a guilty pleasure. The song “Vacation” by G.R.L has been on repeat throughout the month of September. It’s a good song to get you dancing in the morning. Three. Stila Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Beauty Balm, $38 You’re technically supposed to apply this balm underneath foundation, but I simply wear it on its own. It’s tinted, lightweight and it doesn’t look or feel like you’re wearing anything at all. Great to slab on every morning for a nice light coverage, although I’d recommend a light foundation or concealer overtop if you need more coverage. Four. Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson A classic read. I …

Outfits featured on Lotus Leaf Style Instagram

It’s almost been 3 months since I’ve started at Lotus Leaf Communications. Wow, 3 months? Where does the time go? Each day brings a new challenge, a new project and a new way I trip over Max (our office dog who has ninja capabilities to never make a sound and is partially blind). This month I was happy to find myself featured on our Insta page wearing some of our lovely clients including Manitobah Mukluks & Dr. Martens! We have many amazing projects and events coming up, so be sure to follow us on Instagram by clicking here: Lotus Leaf Style.

DKNY Tests Microchip Technology for Awear

According to Awear Solutions, offline is the new online. The Israel-based startup is attempting to make shopping even easier by combining revolutionary technology and streetwear fashion into a mobile app. Let’s put it into a scenario. Picture yourself walking down the street. You see someone wearing a cute scarf, possibly of the floral variety, and want to know where they got it. However, the stranger wearing the scarf just broke up with her boyfriend and is bolting to a friends house with two tubs of ice cream. You don’t want to invade her personal space, so instead of asking where her scarf is from you take out your phone and open the Awear app. Standing a few feet away, you scan her outfit and the entire look instantly pops onto your phone with all product information. Read the rest of my post by clicking here: FASHIONOTES 

DIY: Pimped out collar

What you’ll need: – Blouse with a collar – Blank C-D’s – Hot glue gun – Scissors – Boiling water 1. Boil water. 2. Pour water into a pan and submerge the C-D’s for 5 minutes. This will help with splitting the layers apart. 3. Let dry. 4. Cut C-D’s in half. 5. Split the layer of the C-D’s since you only need the shiny half. 6. Cut into tiny pieces. 7. Place the pieces on the collar, then hot glue them into place. Tweet me your photos (@Jessica_Moy) if you try it out, I’d love to see what you come up with!

Tips for finding the perfect jean for your body type

Most of us women can attest to the fact that when it comes to our jeans, we wear one or two favourites and ignore the rest in our closets (guilty). Jeans are uniquely made to fit and flatter every body shape, so don’t be dropping serious cash on a pair of you’ll only wear once (or not at all). Here are my tips on finding that perfect pair: Curvy? For the curvier woman, a higher rise will tighten up the tummy and elongate your legs. Go for a darker wash such as a solid navy or black. These hues will keep everything streamlined. Look for jeans such as the Kimmie Contour Bootcut from 7 For All Mankind. Pear shaped? You carry more weight on your hips and thighs, but a mid-rise jean will slim it all down and elongate those legs. Also, look for bigger back pockets such as the Brooke jeans from J Brand since they will make your behind look smaller. Hourglass? To show off your figure, go for a mid-rise to flatter …

Spring is sooo InStyle

InStyle’s March 2014 cover with Nicole Kidman is STUNNING! She looks effortlessly beautiful in Christian Dior and the mix of yellow, coral pink and baby blue reminds me of a fresh Spring day. Sighhhhh. I certainly have a case of the winter blues, so this cover is making me extremely happy right now.  Will definitely have to pick up a copy tomorrow.