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Stain Resistant T-Shirt Put To The Test

For those prone to food-related spills and accidents, your embarrassing stain-on-clothing-days may be over thanks to the subtle wearable tech innovation of Threadsmiths!

The Australian clothing company has created a stain-resistant t-shirt using a patented hydrophobic nanotechnology. When the surface gets wet, water droplets are created just like it does on a lotus leaf or a blade of grass. This is known as surface tension – liquid resists an external form.

It’s hard to believe a t-shirt could contain these properties so, we tested it for ourselves.

As the first company in the world to be making 100% cotton t-shirts that completely repel dirt and liquids, we took a Threadsmiths shirt and drizzled common food items on it such as water, jam, orange juice and BBQ sauce. What happened next was to our amazement.


While other white t-shirts soak in liquids and stain, these shirts dubbed “The Cavalier,” uses hydrophobic properties causing liquids to bead-up and fall off the fabric. A very true statement. As you can see from the example below, the water droplets didn’t soak into the shirt it simply beaded up. When we picked up the shirt, the water and orange juice droplets easily slid off. The thicker liquids such as the jam and BBQ sauce washed off with a splash of water, no excessive rubbing required. Our reaction were along the lines of, “holy smokes, this actually works!” and “What other food items can we throw on here?”

The patented fabric nanotechnology is free of carcinogens and is completely safe for regular wear. Threadsmiths hopes to work with other designers to expand the technology with industries such a medical, hospitality and sports.

If you want to try it for yourself, or you know of someone who spills their lunch more than they eat it, these shirts are now available for purchase ($61 CDN) online on Threadsmiths. Want to see the stain repelling in action? Watch the video below!

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