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My wonderful niece Mila turned two years old this month! I swear yesterday she was learning how to roll on her belly and now I see her running, singing, eating an entire cob of corn (she can do this now because she has all her teeth), watering plants, and saying how much she loves you! I’m proud of this little firecracker and how kind and fearless she has become, except when it comes to airplanes.. and spiders.. and waterslides (lol, k but same).

Below is a little weekend vlog I put together and it includes Mila’s super fun over the top backyard B-DAY PAR-TAY! Thanks for watching, love you more than Mila loves bubbles.

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  1. Dianne LeBreton says

    Mila, with that wave and comfort with the microphone, is all set up to be royalty!

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