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Before I get to Chuncheon, I want to rewind a bit and chat about last month when I went to Seoul for Hera Seoul Fashion Week. My last one, ever. WAH!


I am incredibly lucky to have attended four wonderful seasons of SFW, and each time I am amazed by the creatives in this city. I only had time to attend one show and invited my friend Dev to sit front row with me at NOHANT. The mix of prints and textures made me miss spring/summer already, not to mention the designer chose the best looking models in the game.


One model from the show stood out the most, Han Hyun-Min.


Born and raised in Korea, Han Hyun-Min is ethnically half Nigerian, half Korean. Stunning look kid, eh? I couldn’t imagine the struggle this 16-year-old (YES! 16!) had to/probably still goes through growing up in a homogeneous country. I have no doubt that he is going to make international waves in the fashion industry.

This season at SFW I stopped every human who either had glitter on their face or neon coloured hair to snap their photo and include them in my street-style beauty post for FASHION online. Want to take a gander at the photos? I KNOW YOU DO! See all of the magic by clicking HERE!


Ok! Now let’s get to why you clicked on this post!

The following weekend after SFW, I made my way to the city of Chuncheon for the Chosunilbo Chunchon International Marathon. I participated in the 10k run and finished in 58 min. AYY! The goal was under an hour, and I did it! I honestly didn’t think I could since I’m someone who (as of late) needs a moment to catch their breath after climbing a flight of stairs. If I learned anything from this run it’s that human endurance and strength can seriously surprise you sometimes.


Chuncheon is known for their dakgalbi (spicy chicken stir-fry) so obviously I had to partake in a feast while I was there. The Myeong-dong Dakgalbi Street is a famous street in the city that is lined with dozens of dakglabi restaurants. I ended up going into one that was not too busy, and an ajumma who worked there didn’t even let me order, she just started to give me food.

I didn’t hate it.

Dakgalbi is popular, not only because it’s delicious, but it uses simple ingredients such as chicken, garlic, sweet potato, rice cakes, and carrots (among other ingredients) and has a low-price point. I think mine came up to be $10? A great price considering a huge pan full of food (yup, pan, not plate).


I loved every second I was in Chuncheon, it’s a city that’s little worn down but it still has plenty of history and charm.


Did I mention I accidentally stayed at a love motel? They gave me condoms and massage oil. LOL! Oh yes. See it all in my latest vlog!

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