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It’s Sunday night and I’m shovelling handfuls of organic granola in my mouth. I think I’m addicted. It’s the kind with dark chocolate and red berries mixed in and I may eat the entire bag in this one sitting (no shame). I haven’t made dinner yet, but all that sounds appetizing right now is granola so, this is indeed supper tonight.

Speaking of dinner, not too long ago I went to Loving Hut, a vegan place that is walking distance from my apartment. I went in, took off my shoes, sat on the heated floor, read a book, and munched on delicious curry. I never used to eat dinner by myself at restaurants, it would actually make me feel uncomfortable to sit there and not have anyone to talk to. Since living in SoKo, solo dinner dates have been the norm. It’s actually one of my favourite things I do and highly recommend taking yourself out and enjoying your own company every once and awhile.


Last month I went to renew my visa at the immigration office, which was an easy process and I was in and out in 15 minutes. Afterwards I had the afternoon off and since it was a nice day I went to Songdo Beach for a stroll. While I was walking along the see-through glass boardwalk (yup, that’s a thing!), I remembered that exactly 365 days ago on that day I was on a plane from Toronto to Busan. My life has changed enormously since I’ve moved here and it’s surreal to think a year has gone by already. I had no idea what I was in for when I initially moved, but I knew this was exactly where I needed to be.


One thing I have been happy to be a part of lately is volunteering at Soyang Orphanage. A group of us (English teachers, university students, etc) go once a month and bring activities such as face painting, soccer balls, or skipping ropes and play with the kiddies for a couple hours. I did a mini photo shoot sesh with the cuties below.


Spring weather is *almost* here and I did a Spring Style Lookbook  (click title to watch) on Get Up & Go Girl. You should check it out. Right meow. I’ll wait.


This will be my last year in South Korea. CUE ALL THE SADS! I feel like my entire first year was spent floating on a cloud in a dream-like state since everything was shiny and new. This year, I feel more like a resident and plan on picking up more of the language if I can. It’s been a struggle thus far and it’s embarrassing to tell people I can’t have a simple conversation in Korean. I’ll learn, eventually. At least I can read Hangul. It’s all about baby steps.

In the meantime, watch my vlog to see me celebrate my first year anniversary in SoKo! Woo!

As I was walking to the convenience store the other day I looked up and saw this pup glaring down at me. Relatable. It’s the same stare I give when I’m waiting for the pizza delivery guy to arrive.


Oh? What’s this? Another vlog? Lucky you! This year I was invited to be a lecturer at this years EPIK orientations. I felt honoured to have been part of it all, especially because I got to meet the lecturers that spoke during my intake and all of the incoming teachers who are so bright-eyed and bushy tailed. Bless them.

That’s all the recent updates from me. I hope you’ve had an amazing weekend! If you didn’t, may I recommend handfuls of granola, dark chocolate, and red berries. It’s seriously giving me all the happy feels right now.

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