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Last weekend I went to Moo Moo’s which is a vegan burger join in Nampo. I had a soy meat burger, fries (I pronounced it PRENCHY PRIES to the cashier because, Konglish..), and a banana apple green smoothie. Vegan food is next to impossible to find in SoKo so discovering this was a gem.


Exciting news! The results came in for the EPIK video contests I entered last month. I won the Gold Prize for MY EPIK LIFE and Silver Prize for my CO-TEACHING IN SOUTH KOREA. As I said on Instagram, creating videos is a hobby and I quickly turned it into a passion project with these contests. Producing and editing these videos was a blast and I’m humbled to be recognized (let alone awarded!) for something I do just for fun.

The day after we found out the results, Nancy and I brought in rice cake desserts for the staff because in Korea, it’s tradition to share some of the wealth. Everyone was supportive and congratulated us to the best of their English abilities. I’m seriously so lucky to be a part of such an awesome community, especially one that consists of a majority of intelligent, strong and talented girls/women.


While you’re here, you may as well watch my latest vlog! Go behind the scenes of when Mel and I did the Soju Challenge, take a gander at the Christmas tree all lit up in Nampo, and Dev and I do some norebang. LOL! Classic.

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