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Welcome back to another week of my life! I’m currently sitting at a cafe stealing all the WiFi since mine suddenly went out last night. Grr.

My birthday is coming up in 5 days!! CRAZY!!

I’ve never had a birthday away from my friends and family back in Toronto and Facebook keeps reminding me of my memories from the past couple years: Dinner with friends, going out for a night on the town, etc. I miss everyone over on the other side of the world, a lot. Thanksgiving is approaching in Canada, my favourite time of year when Momma Moy would wake up early to put the turkey in the oven and family members would trickle in throughout the day to give hugs and thanks. After the homemade stuffing and cranberry sauce were scraped from their dishes and everyone has undone their pant buttons releasing food babies, someone would start singing happy birthday and a chocolate cake would be presented in front of me with a makeshift candle on it.

This year, I will witness none of the above as I am obviously in South Korea. Thanksgiving will be spent with me working and then going home to make a bland chicken and rice dinner, and going to bed at 9:30PM.

I guess it’s what you sign up for when you move away from your family. As much as there are amazing advantages of moving away and being independent, there’s also disadvantages of missing family and moments from home you can only live through from Skype calls the next day.

I’m sad to not be in Toronto right now. I’m low-key tearing up at this cafe but as Grandpa Lebreton always says, ‘that’s life.’

Despite not physically being with my family for Thanksgiving, I am continually grateful for simple pleasures that can sometimes be taken for granted. I am thankful for my supportive family and friends, that I have enough food to eat, the roof over my head, my job, my bed, technology that keeps me connected with loved ones back in Toronto, the sun, moon, and stars, Netflix, cute puppies and the owners who let me hug them, and plumbing that works.. which is random but YOU try not having your ONE toilet be able to flush for a couple days! #blessflushingtoilets

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to my friends and family back home. I love you!

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