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What does an EPIK teacher and a boy scout have in common? THEY ARE ALWAYS PREPARED!

The classes I teach are 45 minutes, and sometimes we finish lessons earlier than expected. It would be a nightmare to let students do what they want until the bell rings (chaos will ensue!) so I always have a game or activity on deck to fill in the time.

I’ve rounded up my top three filler & warm up activities for the classroom. FYI: I teach middle school so these may be advanced if you teach elementary but, you can adjust according to their level. Let’s get started!

1. A Knock At The Door


You know who won’t have fun playing this? NO ONE! It’s an adventure game that can be different each time, depending on where the students want to take the story.

Click to download: A Knock At The Door

2. Compound Words


For this activity, you show students images and they must guess the word created by the two pictures. Explain briefly what compound words are, start the activity, and they’ll get the hang of it.

Click to download: Compund Words

3. Optical Illusions


When my student’s discovered these optical illusions, they were extremely confused. But, once one student sees it, get ready for the class to turn into a gasping frenzy.

Click to download: Optical Illusions

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