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Co-teachers are your saving grace when you start teaching in South Korea. They help you to settle into your apartment, make sure you’re taken care of, and are always available to answer questions about lesson planning and classroom management.

They do so much for you, and the best way to pay them back is making their job a little easier in the classroom. If you want to make a lasting impression on your co-teachers, here’s what you can do to get a gold star:

1. Create entertaining lessons

Play games, get students up and moving, make them laugh! There’s so much creative freedom you have as a Guest English Teacher, and a co-teacher appreciates it when they see you can teach and entertain students simultaneously.

2. Talk about your culture

For some students, YOU are the first foreigner or native English speaking person they have EVER talked to. They want to know where you came from, what traditions your country has and how it differs from South Korea. Go ahead, make an entire lesson out of it!

3. Be social with students

Students are likely to feel insecure about their English speaking abilities so you must make the first move and start a conversation with them. Ask about their weekend, hobbies, K-pop bands they enjoy, etc.

4. Folders, calendars.. USE THEM!

Being organized is a must. Classes shift and lessons change instantly so you need to keep on top of your schedule and have materials ready before class begins.

5. Don’t be a scary monster

Do not intimidate your students, be approachable, and smile often.

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