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Chuseok is known as Korean’s version of Thanksgiving and the longest holiday of the year. It has recently passed and for the five days I had off from work I packed my bags and took the KTX straight to Seoul. I was happy to be back on the streets of Korea’s capital, and even happier to be with my cousin and his girlfriend who visited from Toronto.

The first place we toured around was the beautiful Gyeongbokgung Palace, which was built in 1395. Doesn’t that blow your mind?! WHAT WAS LIFE EVEN LIKE BACK THEN?!

One of the best parts of going to the palace, especially during Chuseok, was seeing almost every Korean dressed in a Hanbok (Korean cultural dress). Perhaps they wore it because of tradition orrr maybe because if you wore one during the holiday it was free to enter all palaces in Seoul (facts).


The next day we took a stroll around Naksan Park, located smack dab in the middle of the Seoul. You can have the BEST view of the city here! I would even go as far as saying to skip N Seoul Tower (save your $$) and go to Naksan Park instead for an Insta worthy skyline shot.

I also appreciated the wall art along the way, like the one below..



During my last day in Seoul I had the morning off to explore on my own and went to Hangang Park to look for the giant SEOUL sign. I didn’t end up finding it *cries* but I did have an awesome time relaxing and people watching.. OH, and I had Taco Bell for breakfast. It’s impossible to find a quesadilla in Busan so, this was a big deal.


I recently learned that K-dramas use this park for their shoots, which is cool and all, but I was looking forward to seeing the damn Seoul sign. May or may not be still bitter about it..

I suppose I can’t stay mad for too long, the park was amazing and you can see everyone enjoying the outdoors with their tents, jet-skiers riding along the river, children playing in the park fountains, and bike riders almost running you over. There’s so much to love about this park, and a nice getaway from the bustle of the big city.img_0834

You better believe I vlogged my trip to Seoul, as well as the days leading up to it including the moment my Canon T3 suddenly broke, I get published on, and I freak out over cute things at an art store.

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