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Earlier this month there was a 5.0-magnitude underwater earthquake near Ulsan, which meant Busan also had quite a shake. No one reported any injuries and there were no damages in result of the earthquake, but if you’ve never felt the world tremble.. it’s a craaaaaaazy feeling.

I was sitting on my bed when I felt a rumble. The best comparison of how it feels is when you’ve finished riding a roller coaster and you’ve come to a full stop, waiting to get back to where you started. All the sudden, you start to jerk forward and it keeps doing that until you stop (for good this time) and the ride announcer dude says it’s ok to push your handle bars up and exit to your left. The small stop and start of the ride is what a small earthquake feels like.  It’s enough to make your stomach feel queasy.

Have you ever felt an earthquake? What do you do in emergency situations? Someone needs to inform me of all safety precautions and procedures! Please send informative earthquake drill brochures, and ice cream. The ice cream has nothing to do with earthquakes, I’m just really craving Ben & Jerry’s.

Anyway, let’s talk about something more uplifting.. BEACHES! The beaches are marvelous this time of year and I’m lucky to live by so many of them.


I went to Dadaepo Beach last weekend, rented a tube (₩5,000 won for the day), and didn’t move for a couple of hours. The scenery wasn’t too bad either.


Dadaepo is known for its breathtaking sunsets, as well as the Sunset Fountain of Dreams. Sounds majestic, right?. FACT: It is actually the world’s largest water fountain. WHO KNEW? At night (around 8 P.M.), the fountain lights up and moves in sync to thrilling music, shooting water up to 55 m above the ground. Want to see the fountain in action? WATCH MY LATEST VLOG BELOW!

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