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What do you do when you start having Canada withdraw? Hack open a can of maple syrup and make french toast. Mmmmm it was so good, and just what I needed to feel at home again. This week wasn’t too exciting, other than making my apartment smell maple goodness, nothing eventful happened.

Oh, I did spend 15 minutes hacking at the maple syrup can. Should probably put “can opener” on my shopping list, as well as “spatula” since I used a rice scooper to flip my french toast. #singlelife #ilivealone #dontjudge

IMG_5506 (1)

Last weekend I went to Caffe Bene near my house to catch up on emails and finish up with some work. I had an iced coffee, and the entire upstairs floor to myself. Nothing like peace, serenity and caffeine to make you feel productive (aka Facebook stalk my friends from home pretending I was with them at all their outings and parties).

IMG_5517 (1)

Moving onto my work week, for one of my classes I taught a lesson on “mottos” and had students come up with a class motto. They worked in their table groups to create their favourite saying (they chose from a list of five I provided on the board). I’ve got some pretty talented artists in my class. I don’t understand why one group drew lettuce (I think it’s lettuce?) on their “Never Give Up” sign but I didn’t care, LET YOUR CREATIVITY FLOW!


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