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Auf wiedersehen Berlin and ahoj to one of the most romantic places in the world, Prague, Czech Republic!

Prague was the reason why I wanted to go to Europe in the first place. After seeing it in the movie Chasing Liberty with Mandy Moore and Matthew Goode, I told myself one day, I WILL MAKE IT TO PRAGUE AND SWIM NAKED IN THE DANUBE! Ok, I didn’t do the latter but I did turn my dream into reality by finally setting foot onto the magical city of a hundred spires.


It was Christmas Eve when we got into Prague and the market at the Old Town Square was insanely busy. Live music filled our ears, scent of hot chocolate swarmed our noses, and the most beautiful Christmas tree stood tall in the middle of the bustle, beautifully lighting up the evening.


Before leaving on my trip, my mom raved about Charles Bridge. I suppose it’s with good reason. The gothic-looking bridge connects the Old Town and Lesser Town, with religious statues on both side. Construction of the bridge began after King Charles IV commissioned it in 1357 soooo, the bridge is *counts on fingers* 659 years old!


Walking through any part of Prague is like you’re floating in a fairytale. On Christmas Eve we went out to a bar, and at around 2AM my friend and I walked through the old town to get to the city streets to find us a cab. By this time no one was on the streets, just us, old cobblestone, rustic buildings, and flickering Christmas lights. The walk gave me a fluttering tingly feeling all over. I spun around and took in my surroundings, soaked in the moment and right then and there, I fell love with Prague.


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