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I can’t believe it’s been a year since my Euro trip. It seems like another lifetime ago. Last Christmas I woke up in picturesque Prague and travelled four hours on a bus to spend a lovely evening in Vienna to watch a Mozart & Strauss concert. It was magical, wonderful, and I miss it so.

This year, I woke up on Christmas morning to open presents (most I got for myself, LOL) and met my friend Hayden for a late lunch in Seomyeon at a fancy-shpancy place called Posh Nosh. We had a 5-course meal which included mozzarella and tomato salad, salmon, seafood pasta, steak, and cheesecake mousse. IT. WAS. AMAZING. There were moments Hayden and I were in complete silence, smiling to ourselves because the food was THAT good! We spent three solid hours at Posh Nosh highly enjoying the service, atmosphere, and (OF COURSE) the food!

It was no Momma Moy’s Christmas turkey and homemade stuffing, but it made my tummy smile just the same.

Below is a Christmas OOTD shot on the busy streets of Seomyeon.


After we ate, we made our way to Busan’s Illumia Light Festival at the Let’s Run Park, a horse race track which I didn’t even know the city had! The entire park was covered with lights including the walls, buildings, trees, and even the ground. There was also a musical fountain that had images projected onto it, live music (PSY impersonator because, duh!) and couples, couples everywhere.

Christmas in Korea is a couples holiday, another Valentine’s Day essentially. I asked my students if they were excited for Christmas and most of them said no because, “teacher, I’m single and lonely.” Le sigh. Anyway, I highly recommend going to the light festival if you ever visit Busan during the holiday season! There’s an entry fee of ₩12,000 and I advise taking a taxi to the race track since it can get tricky navigating by bus because it’s kinda in the middle of nowhere.

In my latest vlog, you’ll experience our scrumptious meal at Posh Nosh as well as the light festival in all its glory. Oh! And Hayden got pulled up on stage to dance with “PSY”.. heh heh heh. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas, and here’s to an incredible new year!


  1. Hi, may i know how much you spent for the taxi fare from Seomyeon to Illumia Light Festival at the Let’s Run Park?

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