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I made it to the motherland, a place where my ancestry began many moons ago: CHINA!

I did not experience culture shock in Japan nor Taiwan, it wasn’t until we got to Guangzhou, China that it slapped me right in the face. The best way I can put it is, anything goes in China. Annnyyyttthinnnngg. You can do whatever you please. Want to smoke indoors even though the sign says you will be fined? Sure! Want to spit at other humans? Yup! Want to sell illegal merchandise because you DGAF? Heck yes!

China certainly has its quirks (to put it nicely) but there were parts I did like, such as Shangxiajiu Shopping Street, which stretched for ages (so many stores, so little time). The best part is that no cars are allowed on these roads so it’s a place to enjoy a wee bit of space to walk around.


I picked up Miniso Rose Water and Olive Oil Serum from the shopping strip, both under $5 CDN. Rose Water (with real rose pedals inside the bottle) is amazing for those with dry skin since it soothes and moisturizes. The Olive Oil Serum is great for your cuticles, tightening up your pores and giving a lit from within glow. For best results, I mix the serum with my moisturizer and pat it on a freshly cleansed face. If anyone knows good skincare, I put my trust into the Chinese.


Every girl I saw in China wore shin-length flooded pants so obviously, I had to get on the trend train. Also, do we love the bag? Yay or nay?


My favourite meal in China was from a fast food chain. I don’t remember what it was called (bummer) but it only took a few minutes to get me some pork, rice, baby bok choy and tea. My mouth is watering as I write this. Now I’m hungry.


Did I mention I ate pigeon? Sorry let me rephrase, I WAS TRICKED INTO EATING PIGEON! Watch my vlog below to see what happened..


  1. Guangzhou sounds and looks like a lot of fun. I definitely need to get more posts about China on my travel blog! There seems to be so much interesting to discover 🙂

  2. Andro says

    I also like the Shangxiajiu Shopping Street, at least it was better than the Bejing Road tourist trap lol.

  3. i went to china and the food is so goooooood, and cheap gheghe. I really want to go back some time . 🙂

  4. Hi! I will be going to Guangzhou next month and I honestly didn’t look very forward to it, but your blog made me a little more enticed!
    However, i hope this doesn’t come off as weird but I heard rumours going off about how China in general are really unhygienic and dirty and the public bathrooms especially are horrendous.
    May I know if it’s really true?

    Thank you!! (:

  5. Hello Jess, I am heading over to guangzhou during christmas period! what food or restaurants do you recommend?

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