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Fresh off a gloomy flight from Japan (part 1&part 2), the sun was luckily shining to greet us in Taipei, Taiwan! It was 30 degrees, breezy, and beauuutiful.

We checked into the Liz Hotel, which had fantastic taste in headboards.


The entire hotel was extremely colourful, our doors were a bright shade of fuchsia for goodness sakes! I felt like I was living in a dollhouse.

The front desk ladies were English speaking and helpful when it came to questions about navigating the city, except for when they told us to take a cab to the grocery store, which was a seven minute walk away, the driver definitely judged us.

I wish we would have taken a motor bike to the grocery store since they seem to be part of the culture in Taipei. I saw every type of person riding a moped – business men, ladies in flip flops and (my favourite) entire families. The dad would be driving, mom would be behind the dad eating a bowl of wontons, dog at their feet, son sitting behind the mom reading a book, daughter texting while sitting on her brother’s lap facing sideways. What a sight.

The sound of mopeds do echo throughout the entire city (day & night) so if you’re not into constant loud noises, perhaps Taipei wouldn’t be for you.


The first night in Taipei we went to the Liaoning Street Night Market. It was an overwhelming experience. There was so much going on – shopping, food, people, music and to think, THEY HAVE THIS EVERY NIGHT! So, they just close down the streets and casually turn it into a bustling market? Awesome.

To be honest I felt anxious and didn’t know what to do with my hands, other than fill them with food. The first dish I indulged in was a large bowl of mango ice cream with shaved ice. It was divine, especially on a muggy evening. Also, helllllooooo photobomb.


The next morning we took the subway where you only pay for how far you go. If you only go a few stops it could be as little as $0.35 CDN, if it’s a longer ride it could be as much as $3 CDN, plus the subway is easy to navigate, thank goodness.

As I was saying, we took the subway to the Maokong Gondola, which was one of the highlights of my trip to Taiwan. You HAVE to do this if you ever go to Taipei. It’s only $4 (round trip) and you have the most scenic ride up the mountain that overlooks the entire city. We rode in a Crystal Cabin which means, glass floor so, take someone who is afraid of heights and watch them squirm, haha I’m just kidding that’s mean.. do it.


When you get to the top, the view is incredible and there’s so much to do! You can go have a patio lunch, strap on your runners for a nature walk, or visit the temples. Honestly, this place is a genius date idea, I mean, you’re in a gondola where you can be alone and chit chat, plus have the most beautiful view of the city. Also, if you squint you can see the Taipei 101 building below.


Another travel vlog for ya! I eat throughout this entire video. The night market is no joke when it comes to the variety of food – grilled seafood, fresh spring rolls, bubble tea, pork on a stick, etc. We went there for dinner each night and didn’t spend more than $10, each. Food in Taiwan is cheap and deeeeeelicious.


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  2. Adventures in Kevin's World says

    Taipei = food. 🙂
    Two trips to Taiwan, and I still think my biggest memories in Taipei are all about food!

      • Adventures in Kevin's World says

        Agreed! The food is typically good, cheap, and plentiful. Although, after trying stinky tofu 3 times, I have no desire to try it again.

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