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Hong Kong is incredibly unique. It has the bustle of The Big Apple, a dash of British influence with double decker buses (makes sense since Hong Kong was under British rule from 1841-1997), and historic Chinese culture intertwined throughout the city.

I thoroughly enjoyed the lively streets, yummy food, easy-to-get-around subway system, night market shopping, and unique cafes. My first stop? Cat Store Cafe. Yes, I have fulfilled my lifelong dream of going to a cat cafe.


IMG_2372 (1)

Secondly, cats. EVERYWHERE! They roam freely throughout the room and are all calm, friendly and adorable. The kitty below was my favourite. I named her Snowball and we fell in love. IT’S SO FLUFFY!!!


When I wasn’t obsessing over cats, I did touristy things such as climbed the 200+ steps to Tian Tan Buddha. When you reach the top, you get a gorgeous view of the sea, mountain tops and Big Buddha himself. Did you know Big Buddha faces north toward mainland China? And the statue costs roughly $60 million HK dollars (which is about $11 million CDN)? The more you know. *cue rainbow* 

IMG_2469 (1)

There’s a charming community near Tian Tan Buddha where you can hike, eat great food, tour temples and make new friends! And that’s no bull.



If you have an entire afternoon or evening free, head to The Peak. You can ride The Peak Tram all the way to the top. The tram feels like you’re on a roller coaster that’s clanking its way to the top, and you get a great view along the way. Lines for the tram can get pretty long so, go early.. unless you want to go at night, then bring something to entertain you. We went around 6PM and waited approximately two hours in the line. Oy.

When you get to the top, there are a series of escalators that lead you to the 360° viewing terrace that overlooks the vibrant city of Hong Hong. It’s pretty spectacular.


Spending a month in Asia has been the time of my life. Hong Kong was my last stop in my Asia adventure and it was a dream come true.

Throughout my entire trip in Asia, I have felt beyond grateful for the opportunity to have my own two feet planted high on Mt. Fuji one day and sinking low in the Pacific Ocean the next. I have been reminded of the incredible beauty and wonder of the world, the kindness and generosity of strangers and experienced a variety of tastes and traditions far different from my own. I have my dad to thank for being my travel buddy, reminding me that a ship in a harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for (woah, deep right?).

Now, it’s onto my next adventure! But before we do that, check out my Hong Kong vlog below. 🙂 kthanksloveyoubye

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