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We are composed, defined and captivated by fleeting moments.
Holding onto nights, places and feelings we wish we could stash in a locket and open up from time to time, only to reminisce about that first glance or first conversation.
These moments flash before our eyes.
It seems selfish to want something to last for more than the time we are given.
To be able to pause and soak in the incredible feelings that startle and amaze you.
The familiarity of smells and sights.

Listen to your senses, be in the moment and acknowledge when your heart feels happy.

Fleeting moments come and go, just like memories and the people you meet.
See, feel, touch, catch and release.
The wonders of our life can be documented with pictures and video but the best memories are stored in a place where every so often, typically in quiet moments, you remember what it’s like to love and be loved.
It’s yours to capture, every fleeting moment.

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