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I’m OFFICIALLY 24 – here’s everything I want to accomplish this year

If you remember, last year I set goals of everything I wanted to achieve at 23. This is how I did:

1. I WILL move to New York City. Williamsburg, Brooklyn preferably.

…It’s actually laughable at how impossible this was yet, I still thought it was achievable. First step: Need to marry super handsome and successful American man (flexible on the handsome).

2. I WILL get my first full-time PAID job.

…Couldn’t be happier or more proud.

3. I WILL eat healthier.

…I started taking vitamins, cut down on alcohol consumption and learned to make delicious, nutritious meals. Pat on the back for me.

4. I WILL admit and apologize when I’m wrong.

…I’m getting better. I’ll roll my eyes when apologizing, but I’m apologizing nonetheless. Take what you can get.

5. I WILL (not only) shake-hands with new people I meet, but genuinely try to get to know them. I want to ask as many people who influence me to give me a list of their favourite books, songs and movies so I can introduce myself to new ways of thinking and get to know the people I love a little more.

…I asked EVERYONE for a list. They probably thought I was nosey for asking, but I got to know the inner workings of how people thought and why they are the way they are based on this method. It changed the way I looked at certain people and opened my eyes to a ton of awesome books, songs and movies I would have never chose on my own.

Thanks 23, you were great, but I’m ready to crumple up the rough draft and start a fresh edited, more polished page. That being said…


*insert confetti dropping and annoying birthday horn sounds here*


Here are 5 goals I WILL achieve while I am 24!

1. I WILL become more confident.

2. I WILL take on a leadership role.

3. I WILL push myself to achieve more than I ever thought possible.

4. I WILL go to a foreign place I’ve never been before.

5. I WILL be smarter with my money. Moving out would be great and all, but for the next year I’m giving up on this whole ‘moving out’ deal (sobs, so many sobs). It’s just not going to happen and I have to be real with my expectations. As a result, I’m being smart with my money and saving it.

UGH, adult decisions. I don’t know how I feel about them. Will eat this entire chocolate cake and let you know later. Until then, to all my friends, family and random people on Facebook who said thoughtful words, gave me special cards, photos, gifts, texts, phone calls, cakes, dinners, etc, I truly felt so loved on my birthday. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. xo

bday copy


  1. Great, realistic post. I’m glad you got so much accomplished and look forward to following your progress over the next year 🙂


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