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Oh hey – I’m at 15k

My half-marathon is in 35 days. 35 DAYS! Where has the time gone? I thought I’d have forever to train but in just about a month I’ll be running 21k..whether I like it or not.

This morning I ran 15k (woo-hoo!) but, as much as I’m celebrating, it certainly wasn’t easy. Since I’m still getting used to the longer distance, I walked for half a kilometer mid-run to catch my breath. When I stopped, dehydration kicked in. My legs felt heavy and mouth got dry. For a brief moment I felt tempted to call someone to pick me up and drive me home (“MAAA CAN YOU COME GET MEEEEE?”). I wasn’t sure if my body could endure an additional 7k, especially without any hydration.

To calm myself down, I lifted my arms over my head, closed my eyes and took a deep breath. When my body chilled out, I began running again. The more I motivated myself, the more I kept going.

Plus I had “Work Bitch” by Britney Spears on full blast, that helped too.

I knew if I stopped halfway I’d feel like a complete failure and if you’ve known me for awhile, you know how stubborn I can be. There wasn’t a chance I was going to give up that easily.

After running the full 15k, I felt AMAZING (despite almost collapsing but that’s besides the point). I was proud to have ran the full distance in 1h 41m. To me, that’s a great accomplishment. I still have to add an additional 6k on top of that but, we’ll get there..hopefully.

When I got home I immediately took my vitamins and ate a delicious avocado sandwich! Mmm, my fav.


After I ate, I got a slight shiver and, in a matter of seconds, my body temperature dropped dramatically. I couldn’t stop shivering! How did all of the sudden my body went from being hot and sweaty to freezing?

After a brief Google search, I realized it’s my body “cooling off.” Since the weather is cooler, my sweat chilled after the run. Body temperature is different when you’re active, especially in the cooler weather. When you stop, your circulation doesn’t think it should keep you warm anymore, thus, the chills.

TIP to avoid post-run chills: Ditch any soaking wet clothes and get into something dry and cozy. It’s also recommended to have a warm drink or something sugary like Gatorade.

Well, at least now I know.

Who wants to be the lucky volunteer to hand me a thermal blanket for when I finish my race?



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