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Oh hey – I’m at 8K

Hi friends,

My training has been going a tad slow for my upcoming half-marathon, but 8K with a time of 47 minutes isn’t terrible. It’s not the worst, but I certainly know I can do better.

On Saturday I attempted to run 8K but woke up SUPER hungry and ate to my hearts content and (like the smart person I am in the morning), went for the run immediately after. I went maybe 3K, felt sick, turned around and walked home.

Rookie mistake.

This morning I learnt from my mistake and had a small bowl of cereal, a glass of water and ventured back out there. The run this morning was SO MUCH BETTER! I felt refreshed and the weather was perfect (cloudy with a bit of precipitation – just the way I like it).

I find between 5K-6K is the hardest for me. That’s the time when my feet start to hurt and my breathing becomes heavier. Once I get past 6K, I usually get a good pace going and it’s smooth sailing from there. Many times I’ve walked between 5K-6K, but I’ve been pushing myself to keep going and to get past the aches and pains. If there’s one piece of advice every coach taught me growing up is that being active is all about attitude. If you tell yourself you’re tired, you’re going to burn out. If you tell yourself to endure the pain, maybe even tempt yourself with food for when you get back home (works for me), you’ll feel motivated to reach your end goal.

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 8.51.49 PM

I now understand why people LOVE running. When I get into my zone and set my pace, I get an invigorating feeling that takes over – maybe it has something to do with adrenaline? Endorphins? Either way, I like it, I like it a lot.

Next weekend I’m going for 10K, which is basically half of a half-marathon. Will let you know how that goes. Thank you all again for the continued support, it truly means the world to me! 🙂


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