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My favourite day of the year is finally here…..THE DAY I POST MY LIST OF SUMMER GOALS!

*insert happy dance*

Yes spring has just begun, but summer for me starts in May and that is less than a month away. I’m BEYOND winter and cold weather (who in Toronto isn’t) and I’ve been patiently awaiting tan lines, flip flops and the smell of freshly cut grass. If you want to see my 2013 summer goals, click HERE! If you want to know why I epically failed at completing them, click HERE! THIS SUMMER I AM DETERMINED TO SCRATCH EVERYTHING OFF BY SEPTEMBER (I say this every year, but I promise I’ll actually do it). So my beautiful friends, stay tuned and let’s go on this little summer journey together, shall we? 🙂



1. Go to an Asian grocery store and buy a cart full of unknown food, then haul it.
2. Make an ultimate summer playlist.
3. Watch an entire series of a TV show I’ve never seen before.
4. Volunteer.
5. Complete writing my book.
6. Join a fitness class.
7. Go to a concert.
8. Participate in the “Color Me Rad” 5K run.
9. Buy a piñata.
10. Make my family a fancy dinner.
11. Go see live theatre.
12. Buy an ugly oversized cat t-shirt and do a photo shoot.
13. Buy $50 worth of jewelry at Forever 21.
14. Attend a drive-in movie.
15. Read all my Native American literature books.
16. Use a really cheesy pick-up line on a complete (handsome) stranger. Must be filmed. 
17. Go to the doctors for a check-up.
18. Be a vegetarian for a week.
19. Make a collage of all my favourite Summer 2014 photos and put it in a nice frame.
20. Move out.




  1. I love your list and I know you can do it all!! ❤ I love #1 and would love to see that haul! =) Everything sounds like so much fun, I think I just might make a fun list for myself….thank you for your inspiration!! ❤

  2. usa says

    Use a really cheesy pick-up line on a complete (handsome) stranger. Must be filmed.
    AND uploaded on youtube

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