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Be gutsy and go for it

Yesterday I had a hot chocolate date at Boxcar Social with Charise from Kaeru Communications. Nothing is more motivating than getting fantastic career and life advice from someone who is naturally ambitious and driven.

The biggest lesson I learned from talking to Charise was to keep working hard, be social and if you don’t like what you’re doing, change it. We both work from home and agree that some days can be less motivating since you don’t have a co-worker to talk to or it can feel like a drag when you stay in your pyjamas until 3pm. Charise says to break up your day and keep busy, whether it being meeting with clients, coffee dates or going for a workout. Always have something to do.

The best piece of advice I received from her? If you want to do something, be gutsy and go for it. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you.

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