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Quality over quantity

Life is about new experiences and forming great relationships. It’s about the people who enter your life and, unfortunately, it is also about the people who leave it. I believe everyone you meet, you meet for a reason. Whether they gave you faith, provided a home, broke your heart or made you smile – you can write at least ONE lesson every person in your life has taught you.

Those who aren’t in mine anymore, they’ve taught me the most important lesson. It’s in that moment when you both realize your friendship or relationship is over. Suddenly, whether ending in good or bad terms, all the memories you’ve ever had together come rushing back from when you were both happy and felt like you’d have forever. Then you realize, you don’t.

As cliche as it sounds, every ending has a new beginning. There’s an entire world you haven’t yet met. Saying good-bye will always be hard, but as sappy as it sounds, no one can take away the memories you had together. I always believe that instead of buying materialistic items for birthdays or anniversaries, go to a concert or set up a picnic. Sweaters and necklaces can be thrown away, but those memories will last a lifetime.

To end on one last cheesy, sentimental note: It’s not the quantity of time you spend with someone, it’s the quality of time. Make amazing memories, share your secrets, be thankful and once in a blue moon, explain why a certain someone means so much to you.


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