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The beauty of being awkward

Think back to all the awkward situations, photos or conversations you’ve ever had in your life, the ones that make you cringe from sheer embarrassment or smile from a sentimental, unexpected moment.

Think back to a successful date with someone you genuinely care about. That moment before you both go in for that first kiss. You smile, hesitate and (to dispel the awkward) you just go for it. The feeling of excitement and anticipation is a small part of life we often take for granted.

Think back to when you were a teenager (or twenties, or thirties or anytime in your life you felt lost). The awkwardness of discovering who you are and what you want to do with your life. You stumble, fall and have no fucking idea what you’re doing. As awkward as it gets when you’re going through the motions, it’s those days of fumbling and picking yourself back up you truly discover where you’re meant to be.

Being awkward makes you human. It makes life interesting. Good or bad, it keeps us on the edge when you’re going through the unexpected twists and turns of this crazy little life.

Be awkward. It’s beautiful. Never lose it.

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  1. you’re so beautiful! Even though I hate feeling awkward, I must remember that it makes me human and gives me something to laugh about later on. ❤ Thanks for the reminder!!

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